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Transformer winding thermoregulator is specially designed for oil-immersed transformer, which can indirectly measure the winding temperature by thermal simulation method.
Let T1 present the temperature of transformer winding and it is the sum of T2 and ¡÷T, i.e. T1£½T2+¡÷T, where, T2 is the oil temperature in upper part of the transformer, and ¡÷T is the winding temperature rise relative to the oil temperature. The ¡÷T depends on the winding current and the secondary current of the current transformer (CT) is in proportion to the winding current. The thermoregulator works in following. Principle: The current from the CT, which is in proportion to the load, is first adjusted via a converter, and then flows through the heating element embedded in the elastic component; the heat produced by the heating element leads to an additional displacement of the elastic component, and thus a temperature indicated value higher than the oil temperature. By this way, the thermoregulator can obtain an average indicated value of the winding temperature.
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